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Tackling inequalities: 2tshirtgang
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Bradford-based 2tshirtgang is the feature of the latest episode of The YSF Podcast.The functional fitness, health and well-being organisation are one of those to receive funding from Sport England’s tackling inequalities fund, introduced to reduce the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on under-represented groups.Co-founders Anthony Williams and Trinity Brown join us to discuss how the Health is Wealth project aimed to lift people’s mood during the pandemic through activity and nutrition. The funding helped provide the resources needed to take sessions online, including equipment and booklets.  
Primary PE and sport premium confirmed for 2021/22
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Primary school children in England will benefit from higher quality PE lessons and better sport opportunities, the Education Secretary has announced this week.Backed by a £320 million investment, the PE and Sport Premium will encourage children to play more sport, increase their social skills, and improve their physical activity after lockdown. Schools will also be able to improve the quality of their teaching and make longer-term, sustainable changes to their lessons.It is a continuation of the funding that first doubled from £160m in 2017.  
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Beat the Street, which launched in both Sheffield and Barnsley recently, challenges schools, workplaces and community groups to clock up as many active travel miles as possible.Participants can walk, cycle, run, scoot, wheel or roll to the next one on the map within an hour to score 10 points; the further players go and the more Beat Boxes tapped, the more points they will score.There are 264 Beat Boxes placed on lampposts around Barnsley for the duration of the game, and more than 450 around Sheffield.  
Take Women in Sport’s Health Check Survey Take the survey
Women in Sport is researching workplace culture and how it is changing now that more women are involved in sport, and they want to hear from you.They are exploring all aspects of workplace culture and inclusivity; not just those relating to gender. The findings will be used to develop best practice across the sporting sector.