Working With Schools

We aim to use fun, accessible, educational and stimulating physical activity sessions within our club structure to bring people together and build strong relationships in and across the disabled communities of young people and their families to help in their transition to adulthood, life after leaving school, what leisure, volunteering and potential employment opportunities with our partnership within the volunteer and business sector as they prepare for and leave 6th form education.

We wish to work with the school and offer integrated opportunities to use local sporting, health oriented and socially interactive and physical activity places and spaces that are naturally accessible to the non disabled community but maybe not so to the disabled communities of Calderdale.

We aim to break down perceived barriers and integrate disabled young adults naturally  into these places mostly taken and used by non disabled adults. Through our programs delivered by our qualified coaches we aim to identify participants potentials, strengths and vulnerabilities and work with all the stakeholders to enable more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stages whilst in their last year at the local Ravenscliffe school for children with special educational needs.

Calderdale has a population of some just over 200.000 with approx 1000 disabled young people in the area. It has also 8,625 young people living in child poverty. Only 4 wards out of 17, have seen a poverty fall since 2010.

We aim to deliver a range of activity sessions, at a central accessible venue, Calderdale College, and whilst we will introducing the participants using wheelchair sports and activities to create integration, to inspire activity and fun, we will be user led in developing the program of accessible health and activity sessions.

Participants will design, where we go, what we do, how we get there, how we get back, what support does the group need, and where we will access it and resource it. When there would they see themselves volunteering there, working there, if so how can we make it happen, and what each participant has to do to give themselves a chance of attaining their aspiration?