Jack Brown Q & A

This was a post Queensland Rugby League club shared on its Facebook page, featuring a familiar name – Jack Brown

2019 Golden Boot Winner, Jack Brown has accepted the call to take his place within the CQ Crows line up at the 2021 State Cup. Wearing his second hat as Maroons Head Coach he will be keen to see potential Maroons perform under pressure at the tournament. #goodluckjack #updacrows

Nickname: JB
Age: 30
Birthplace: Halifax, England
WcRL Club: Brothers Ipswich
WcRL Debut : 2004
Position: Pivot

Previous Representations: Halifax RLFC, England Captain

Favourite thing to do in your spare time? Watch Wheelchair Footy on Youtube

NRL Club you support? Gold Coast Titans

If you could meet one famous person who might it be?: The Queen

What is your favourite dish to indulge in? Thai Crispy Soy

Who is your role model, whether it be professionally or personally? My Mum, my wife and Wayne Boardman