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Our Shooting team are on target for Tokyo 2020!

We know it may feel like life is again on pause so we hope this email brings some joy, as we look ahead to the Paralympic Games in August.  Today, we welcomed our first six members to the ParalympicsGB team for Tokyo and they can’t wait to go there and ‘smash it!’ We spent time with the team back in December and you can hear how they are feeling about being selected in our latest ParalympicsGB+1!

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Who has been selected? The team of six, all have Paralympic Games experience under their belts and are hoping to add to their medal collections. Read our full announcement with details of the team and hear from our Chef de Mission on this memorable moment.
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What is Shooting?  It is the ultimate test of precision and skill and includes events for rifle and pistol competitors. In our latest ParalympicsGB+1, the Shooting team show us what goes on behind the scenes and we’ve also got an article with more information about the sport.
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We asked our friends at the English Institute of Sport to provide their top tips for supporting better sleep.

1. Relax: Go to bed when you’re relaxed. It’s easier to fall sleep, and you’ll sleep better if you’re calm before bedtime. Do something relaxing before bed, like reading a book, rather than just turning the light off and trying to force sleep.

2. Switch off near bedtime: During uncertain times, your body responds with stress. Additional stress near bedtime will create a sense of alertness, making it harder to sleep. If the news or social media makes you feel stressed, avoid it immediately before bedtime.

3. Regular bedtime: You don’t have to go to bed and wake up at the exact same time every day but try to create a sleep window with a buffer of about an hour either end.

4. Bedroom only: If you need your bedroom for other uses during the day, try to make your night bed look different to your daytime bed. For example, you could put a blanket over it during the day.

5. Seek light: Our bodies are trained through exposure to light to be awake during the day and sleep at night. We’re currently going outside as little as possible, but try and be creative – if you’re working, sit next to a window where it’s lighter.

Want to get active at home but not sure where to start? With gyms and classes closed, it might feel like exercise isn’t possible right now but over on our Parasport website, they have great online workouts that can be easily adapted to suit your needs and lots of online accessible classes.
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Looking for fun ways to home-school your children? We’ve got you! Our Get Set school programme has loads of fun, easy-to-follow ideas for home learning. Learn about the Paralympic Games, our athletes, and the science behind sport.
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