Speakup: Health Info & Advice For Disabled People

Covid 19 Grab and Go sheet, ‘Be Health Aware’ sessions and more!

Self-advocacy specialists Speakup give people with learning disabilities and autistic people a voice, employment opportunities and makes sure that they are valued and included in society.

Here are just some of their current programmes:

Get Your Flu Vaccination
Flu can be as dangerous as Coronavirus for people who have some health problem. So get your flu vaccination today! Read more here
Also the Misfits have made a fantastic film about Flu as well. Click here to watch it

Hospital Passports’ and ‘Grab and Go’

We think it is really important that people with learning disabilities and autistic people have a Hospital Passport as well as a Grab and Go Sheet, just in case they get ill and need to go into hospital.

The hospital passport is designed to give hospital staff helpful information about communication needs, likes, dislikes as well as the persons basic health needs. Download a Hospital Passport here

Together with the Grab and Go sheet it will help people look after you better when you are in Hospital. Download the Grab and Go sheet here

Download them today, fill them in and keep them somewhere safe and where other people know where it is. If you have to go into hospital make sure they both go with you or ask someone to bring them in as soon as possible. Tell hospital staff to look at them.

Spreading the News November – 2nd edition

Disability Discrimination Law is 25 years old! In this issue, find out about how the last 25 years has changed because of the laws and what might still need to happen. You can download Spreading the News here